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Hello there! My name is Jill and I’m ready to take on whatever plans you have for us to share! Here’s a bit about me:

Age: 24

Height: 5’3″

Cup Size : 38D

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Green

Nationality: French


When selecting an escort Las Vegas has a ton of different opportunities to find a girl to be your companion. Calling me will ensure you have the time of your life without any hidden surprises lurking around the corner. I am as true as a date can get and I promise you will leave with a smile on your face! I enjoy my job and I’m certain you will reap the reward with our time together. I’m the type of girl who every guy loves having by their side. I am a great listener and I can keep you entertained with intimate discussions or playful times during our excursions out on the town.

As you can see from my picture, I’m a bit of a flirt. I love being touched and I will be touching you throughout the date as long as you do not mind. I try to make my customers feel as if they have a real girlfriend while out with me. This adds some intimacy to the mix, making you comfortable and me happy. I love dressing up and showing off in front of others. You will enjoy having other guys look your way because you’ll have a trophy (me!) on your arm!

One of my favorite places to visit in Vegas is the strip scene. If you like watching strippers, then you’ll love bringing me along! There’s no need to tip those ladies for a sneak peek when you have me! I can show you the same thing they can once we get back to your room. Until then, it will be an ultimate tease for both of us. This will be exciting and keep the fantasy going!


Besides going out with guys like yourself as a GFE in Las Vegas, I am interested in riding dirt bikes, attending rodeos, and visiting flea markets or estate sales to look for treasures. I won’t make you do those things with me though! We have a ton of other fun stuff to do and I plan on showing you as much of Vegas as I possibly can during our date time. Afterwards I want to show you as much as possible of myself! I love baring my skin at the end of an excursion, so be sure to keep your heat turned up in your room when you leave so it is toasty warm when we get back! Are you intrigued? If so, let the service know you’d like a date with Jill and we will soon be on our way to one of the best times ever!