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I’m Raven and I can’t wait to show you how a girlfriend experience Las Vegas travelers like yourself should have!

Age: 25

Height: 5’7″

Cup Size: DD

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Nationality: American


Thank you for stopping by my profile! My name is Raven and I am one of the Las Vegas GFE escorts working for this service. I absolutely love my job and think you and I will have a great time while you are visiting the area. I know all of the hot spots and will show you some of my favorites while you are in the area, if you would like. My dream date includes some quiet times as well as the thrill of finding new things to do as a couple. If you are into adventure, you will most likely enjoy our time together!

I love doing some of the tomboyish things in life. Going kayaking, hiking, fishing and hunting are some of the activities I do that make me feel alive. Nature is one of our biggest treasures and I make sure I get fresh air daily and head out into the wilderness whenever I have the time. If you feel the same, perhaps we can take a hike together. I’ll make a picnic lunch and I’ll show you some of my favorite secluded areas. While we are alone, we can get to know each other on a more personal level. There’s something about being outside away from the public that gets me in the mood to strip down and enjoy the wind on my bare skin. Maybe you and I can try this out together?

If you want to have me accompany you while you are in Vegas, I’m just a phone call or email away. Let the service know you would like Raven to meet you for some girlfriend experience time and I’ll be at your door before you know it. I want to be your favorite escort in Las Vegas! Give me a chance to show you what fun in Vegas is really all about!


I will admit that I am a bit of a prankster. I love all types of jokes and find humor in things others may not. This I believe is a fun trait however. If you have a sense of humor, I’m pretty sure I’ll have you snickering to yourself at some of the things I come up with. I had wanted to become a comedienne at one point in my life, but I had ventured in a different direction. I still like to tell my jokes to my clients though, and I think they appreciate this lighter side of the dating circuit. After all, we are here to have fun and what good is a date if you can’t smile and enjoy yourself while on it?