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Do you enjoy intimate time with a woman without the distraction of onlookers getting in the way? If so, I may be one of the GFE girls you would enjoy spending time with!

Age: 22

Height: 5’5″

Measurements: 34-28-34

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Nationality: Swedish


am one of the younger GFE escorts in the Las Vegas area, but that does not mean I don’t have experience! I enjoy time with my guy on a one-to-one basis without a ton of people watching over us. If you like quiet times more than party time, then I am the escort for you! When I became a Vegas escort, I did so that the people I came into contact with would have a good time without the need to search for a girlfriend at bars or through blind dates. I am a no frills type of girl, making your time with me fun and entertaining without worry what people think. My favorite times are when we are able to snuggle together in a peaceful location. If you have a hotel room or if you live in the area, then that part of the deal is covered.

I will show up at your location and we can get to know each other on a more personal level. You will find I’m pretty easy to talk to you and I feel I am a pretty good listener. I try to give my clients advice in the problems they are having in their life and many of them come back for repeat sessions as we have become pretty close friends. I would love to have that sort of relationship with you as well. I would consider myself your secret girlfriend. I’m that girl you can rely on when you need to come to Vegas for a night or two on business. I’m the one who can make you feel good if you are in need of a woman’s touch.


My personal hobbies include painting and drawing. I enjoy the solitude you get when you have an empty canvas to cover with color. My pieces are hanging in my living room and I often look at them to reflect on what had been going on in my life at the time I had created them. My creative side will also come out when we are together if you wish. I give one mean massage and if you are feeling up to it you can have me work away the kinks near the end of our time together. I am also pretty good at reflexology so if you have any specific ailments or pains in the body, let me know and I’ll do my best to ease them with gentle touches on your feet or palms.

Give me, Dana, a call right away and we can get started in this great time together! Check with my service for availability, pick a time you wish to get together, and let’s see what type of fun we can have!